One has to often take screenshots of a webpage, either to share it with your friends, workers or to include it in a document that you are working on.

Now this can be achieved with extensions or 3rd party softwares. But did you know Google Chrome allows you to take screenshots of any webpage directly without the need to use any extension or a 3rd party software?

Doing this will require you to open Google Developer Tools. I wish Google had provided the option in a more prominent area (like Firefox has it in the addressbar) but that's Google for you.

To Open Google Developer Tools, press Ctrl + Shift + I (on Windows/Linux) and Cmd + Option + I (on Mac) and press Ctrl + Shift + M (on Windows/Linux) and Cmd + Option + M (on Mac) to activate the device mode. This mode allows you to view the website at various desktop and mobile resolutions. This mode also allows you to take screenshots.

Screenshot option in Developer Tools (Google Chrome)

Click on the three vertical dots on the top right of the device mode window (not the Dev tools window). You will see a dropdown where you will notice 2 options: Capture screenshot and Capture full size screenshot. First option will just take a screenshot of the page that's visible on the screen. Second option will take the screenshot of the full webpage right down to its bottom.

And that's how you take screenshots in Chrome. A lil cumbersome, I agree but gets the job done.