Do you guys remember an option that was in older browsers which allowed you to save a webpage on your hard drive as .mhtml files which were basically archives which packed the html, images and everything related to that page in a single file.

Of course, now the usual way a webpage gets saved is its html separately and all the images, css, javascript files in a separate folder named same as the html file. But .mhtml format was great since you didn't have to worry about copying the additional folder whenever you need to shift the html file.

Eventually, the option was discarded from all modern major browsers (except IE, Opera and Edge) but fortunately Google Chrome has still retained the option.

To access it, you first need to enable it. To do that, type: chrome://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml in your browser addressbar and mark the option as Enabled and then relaunch your browser.

Save Page as MHTML option in Google Chrome

Now to save your webpage, just press Ctrl + S (on Windows/Linux)/ Cmd + S (on Mac) or right click and choose Save as when on a website and you will see the option to save it as MHTML by default.

Even though you can save mhtml files, opening them might cause a trouble sometimes especially when created by a different browser.