Amongst sharing options, Google allows you to send your webpages to your mobile devices where you are signed in. But there isn't much on offering if you want to share the url of the webpage with your friend.

Well that changed this year when Google added the functionality to generate QR codes of any webpage.

To enable the option, you will have to visit the following url in your address bar.

Enable Sharing Page via QR option in Google Chrome

Now, visit any webpage and right click to see the option.

QR Code screen in Google Chrome

You can scan the code using any QR code app on your phone or download it in the form of a .png image.

Once you use the option, you will see a permanent QR code display button in the address bar. It will stay there until you close/refresh the tab or switch to a different website.

QR code button in the address bar.

Note: Even though the option is live in Google Chrome Stable, it still generates blank QR codes. The option does seem to work properly in beta, dev and canary builds so expect it to work soon in the next iteration of Chrome stable (v84).