Browsing becomes annoying at times due to numerous irritating popups as soon as you land on a website. One of the major annoyances in modern day browsing is the request for subscribing to get push notifications from a website.

Google and Mozilla both have taken notice and have promised to do something about the growing menace. But for the time being, as a user we can do something much better. We can disable the requests permanently so that no site can ever ask for notifications again.

But mind you. There are at times where you would want to receive notifications from a website. If that's the case, you will have to disable the setting for a short while, subscribe to the notification and then enable the setting again.

And where's this setting? Open the Chrome settings Page and search for notifications in the search bar. Scroll down to the Content Settings and open it. Now open the Notifications section (you can even access it from the address bar by typing this: chrome://settings/content/notifications) toggle the switch from "Ask before sending (recommended)" to "Disabled". That's it.

Chrome Notification Settings

No site will ever ask for permission to send notifications ever again.